Untuk Runner-Runner yang ingin mencari Hydration Pack yang terbaik, kami telah mengkaji pasaran dan hasilnya,
#Top 5 list Hydration Pack yang dapat memberikan prestasi terbaik untuk anda adalah seperti di gambar bawah.

Kajian ini meliputi aspek keselesaan ketika memakai, kapasiti simpanan, kekurangan dan kelebihan setiap beg. Kami tahu memang sukar memilih pack yang sesuai, dari itu kajian ini dapat membantu anda.

Rating : 4/5 Stars
Score : 71/100

Pros : Affordable, big pockets, easily adjustable, good hose attachment system

Cons : Awkward to fill bladder, small, lacking storage capacityThe CamelBak Ultra 4 is exactly the kind of product that you would expect from CamelBak. It is well made, sleek, good looking, and features the Quicklink bladder system, found on virtually all CamelBaks. This is a great running vest that will serve you well on your long runs, but at the same time doesn’t have some of the features we loved from other hydration packs, and has minimal room for clothing storage.

Rating : 4/5 Stars
Score : 71/100

Pros : Huge, top-loading storage compartment

Cons : Poor bladder hydration system, not enough pockets

The Patagonia Fore Runner Vest 10L is the most backpack-like hydration pack for running that we tested, which makes it appealing for those who like to carry a lot of stuff. It is also comfortable and adjustable. However, it has the fewest amount of accessible pockets of any pack we tested, ensuring that you will have to take the pack off if you want to gain access to the things you need. Additionally, its bladder and hose hydration system is poorly designed compared to the competition. This pack is probably a better fit for those who enjoy really long hikes rather than ultra racers.

Rating : 4/5 Stars
Score : 74/100

Pros : Light, lots of storage capacity, versatile

Cons : Chest bottles create pressure points and bouncing, some pockets hard to use

The Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 is the medium sized running vest in Ultimate Direction’s signature series. Designed by ultra-running legend Scott Jurek and modified to be improved over the first version, the SJ Ultra Vest 2.0 is one of the most popular hydration packs for running on the market. Go to any ultra race in the United States and you are likely to see scores of people wearing this vest. However, in our opinion it is far from perfect, and doesn’t really compare in performance and comfort to our two award winners. That said, there are many great features to this vest that make it a worthy option for long runs or races.

Rating : 5/5 Stars

Score : 86/100

Pros : Easily accessible Hydrapak bladder, comfortable, lots of pockets, extra storage capacity

Cons : Needs another hose strap, expensive

For those who prefer a bladder hydration system instead of chest-mounted bottles, we recommend our Top Pick for Bladder Hydration System: the Nathan Vapor Air 2L. This is a men’s specific model, but Nathan also produces the Vapor Airess, which is essentially the same pack but shaped to fit women. With its awesome features like the magnetic hose clamp, hydrapak water bladder, and external bungees for additional carrying capacity, the Vapor Air includes everything that a distance runner might need. On top of all that this pack is incredibly comfortable, and has tons of easy to access pockets. Frankly, we loved this pack and couldn’t stand the idea of not giving it a Top Pick Award.

Rating : 5/5 Stars

Score : 92/100

Pros : Comfortable, great fit, tons of easily reachable pockets, very versatile

Cons : Expensive, must buy hydration bladder separately

To put it simply, the Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set is the best hydration pack for running of all products we reviewed. This one tops all the dozens of other models our lead tester and author has used before. We love this pack and are totally confident that you will too! The Sensifit mesh construction provides the best fit of any pack we tested and is easily the most comfortable – the most important quality to a good pack. We love the soft flask hydration system as well as the incredible amount of easily reachable pockets. Since it is the highest rated product in our review, and by far our favorite hydration pack to wear while out on a run, we are happy to give it our Editors’ Choice Award.


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